From being the Operations Manager of a high tech telecoms company through to being the operational and process champion of various agencies, business operations is an area which has always been a passion of mine. It's all about the data (and having the best systems in place to get the best data!). From burn and utilisation reports to process review and improvement plans; it's all about the marginal gains. This includes gains for colleagues, gains for customers and ultimately, gains for the bottom line.

Operations review can include the following areas;

  • Staff or team utilisation reports
  • Freelancer and staff costs reports
  • Review and prioritise recruitment needs based on workflow and forecasts
  • Analysis of time tracking data and non-billable reports
  • Trends on revenue and forecasting/projections
  • Company efficiency reports and margin improvement plans
  • Create and manage master process documentation
  • Systems review and simplifying recommendations
  • Research into new systems and implementing them if necessary
  • QA review and quality/testing process recommendations
  • Form and template creation (SOWs, SLAs, project debrief etc..)
  • Rate card review and recommendations
  • Facilitate and support training and educational activities 
  • Understanding of MRP and Lean manufacturing
  • Logistics, facilities and audit management experience

Reports can then be presented to senior management / board level on operational findings and recommended margin improvements plans.